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Islamic Organisations in Western Switzerland

Actors, Networks, and Socio-Cultural Activities

Elisa Banfi, Matteo Gianni (dir.)

This book shows how, over the past forty years, Islamic organisations in Western Switzerland have established themselves and organised at both the cantonal and national levels. Based on empirical observations, the chapters demonstrate that, contrary to what is often believed, Islamic organisations do not focus their activities only on religious activities. Instead, by improving their deliberative practices, they have facilitated cultural, social, and religious activities while promoting social justice, political recognition, and equality of opportunity, often with programs aiming at reaching beyond the Muslim audience. In particular, the book shows how these organisations have attempted to translate their religious worldview into practices that align also with secular values, allowing them to negotiate and build consensus with public institutions to provide welfare services to both Muslim and non-Muslim populations, as well as programs to prevent radicalisation within a secular and democratic framework. Through deliberative practices, including youth organisations and umbrella Islamic organisations, these groups have found ways to overcome their lack of representation and power in the political sphere. This book goes beyond specific cantonal cases to address broader issues related to the social and cultural engagement of Islamic organisations in Switzerland, bridging the gap between Islamic studies and organisational network studies.

Auteur・e・s / éditeur・e・s

Elisa Banfi is a senior researcher of the University of Geneva. She has coordinated several research projects funded by the European Commission and by the Swiss National Science Foundation on the social commitment of religious actors.

Matteo Gianni is Professor at the Department of Political science and international relations and at the Institute for Citizenship studies of the University of Geneva. He also participates to the activities of the NCCR On the move, University of Neuchâtel.

Contributions de Ça la Aykaç, Elisa Banfi, Baptiste Brodard, Miryam Eser Davolio, Matteo Gianni, Jérôme Grand, Akbar Nour, Victor Sanchez-Mazas.