About the series


The Gesundheit und Integration – Beiträge aus Theorie und Praxis series is published by the Swiss Red Cross. The aim of the publications is to provide a broad range of information about little-known topics or approaches to stimulate a discussion or move the debate forward.

Whether directly or indirectly, the series strives to raise awareness of people in vulnerable circumstances, help fight their exclusion and stigmatization, and promote equal opportunities. Their concerns should be seen and heard and have a place in social debate. Especially difficult circumstances encountered by migrants are often a subject of discussion, for example in relation to the trauma caused by torture and war, the situation for sans-papiers, and the particular challenges of the asylum and health systems. The difficulties of the sick, handicapped or elderly and their relatives are also highlighted, with a view to the needs and opportunities for action among specialists, along with their significance for major changes in direction in our health system. The major contribution made by the large number of volunteers providing a variety of services for the community and vulnerable individuals is also pointed out.

The volume In the Aftermath of War and Torture has been published in English, while the other volumes are mainly in German but feature certain articles in French.