Studies on the Social Question

About the series


The theoretical and empirical context of social inequality, marginalization and exclusion, known as the "social question", is a traditional part of sociological thought. This is where classical sociological questions about society come together: which actors shape the social order and what effects do their actions, strategies and dispositives have? How are certain social and welfare state arrangements legitimized and practically enforced? Under what circumstances and how are social phenomena encoded as "social problems" in public, social politics and science? These questions provide the framework of the series "Schriften zur Sozialen Frage". The series is open for different currents and approaches of sociological thinking and different academic disciplines. It welcomes theoretical works, empirical studies and analyses of contemporary developments.

Edited by Christoph Maeder, Eva Nadai, Martina Koch, Christian Reutlinger and Jean-Pierre Tabin.