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352 pages
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Intersections entre vieillissement et migration: tendances et défis actuels

Ruxandra Oana Ciobanu, Mihaela Nedelcu, Eva Soom Ammann, Karin van Holten (dir.)

Migration and ageing are two of the main contemporary phenomena challenging modern societies. This special issue brings to the fore some important research topics emerging at the multiple intersections of these two phenomena: the shortage of social and health care workforce, which contributes to the immigration of (often late-in-life) labour migrants being employed in care services for the older population; the ageing of the migrant population and their specific needs; and lastly the engagement in mobility patterns late in life either in search for a better life, to receive care abroad or to provide care to family members living in another country. It contributes to this complex field of research by distinguishing four analytical perspectives that focus on vulnerability, policy, transnationalism and care.